Telehandler Bins

The BB-4 is 2.1336m wide 1.524m deep, and 1.2192m tall. These sturdy built bins have a weight of 681 kg with removable sides and dump gate. Zoom this bin up high to remove trash from 2nd, 3rd, and 4th story buildings. Work safer and faster with the DeSite BB-4.

Other bin manufacture designs are a one piece weldment, maintained with a torch, hammers, more steel and a welder. These type of bins age quickly and can be an eyesore with your company name attached out on the job site.

Our highly mobile Tele-Handler Waste Bins are designed as a “knockdown” bin. Knockdown bins have the ability to disassemble for economical shipment, and can be easily maintained and repaired if damaged at the worksite. The DeSite TDB-4 Tele-Handler Construction Waste Debris Bins consists of five parts, the floor, three removable sides and a door. The bin base consists of a 10cm x 10cm steel tubing frame with 10cm x 10cm formed steel internal support beams.

The fork pockets are 10cm x 20cm rectangular steel tubes. They are oversized them for easy access, and for transporting when dumping the bin. The removable back and sides of the bin are also constructed from 3.175 mm steel plate with four vertical 5cm x 7.6cm rectangular steel tubes that fit into laser cut and CNC formed steel pockets welded into the bin base. The one piece (top mount) quick disconnect swinging door can be removed in literally less than two minutes, turning the bin into a three sided open front bin for lifting building supplies to upper floors or onto roof tops. After manufacturing is complete, all bin parts are shot blasted, powder coated and oven baked for a durable finish.

$3822.61+gst ex Nelson. Freight additional.
Telehandler Bin by Site Machinery
Telehandler Bin by Site Machinery