Proscreen SLG 68V

Proscreen_SLG_68_2"The SLG-68V is a compact portable vibratory screen designed to screen and recycle topsoil, sand, compost, wood waste and rock products. This screener is designed to be fed with compact bucket tractors and smaller skid steers. TheSLG-68V matches easily with skidsteers, excavators and small tractors and production of 15 to 25m3 of material each hour is possible. Do the maths per hour on that with a $7,600+gst investment!

  • A quality, durable screen.
  • Weighs 550kg. Quickly and easily move it around your worksite close to the material to be screened.
  • Can be fed with buckets up to 0.5m2.
  • Can be fitted with mesh from 3mm to 100mm.
  • Low maintenance. No engine, belts or bearings service to maintain.
  • Supplied with a Vibratory Eccentric Motor operating on 240 Volts from mains power or a 1kva generator.
  • Screen sand, soil, rock, compost, wood debris, landscape and construction debris and more!

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The SLG-68V can be moved around the worksite using pallet forks inserted into the screener’s lift pockets. We also can supply our bucket lift lug assemblies if the customer wants to use the machines bucket for moving the screener.

Vibratory System
The SLG-68V uses the same size and model vibratory system as the larger SLG-78VF screener. The vibratory system draws approximately 5amps of power to operate. Land power or a generator as small as 2000 watts can be used to power the screener’s vibratory system. When using a good quality heavy duty extension cord the generator can be up to 30m from the screener, away from the dirt and dust that comes when screening.

Screen Deck Suspension
As with the other SLG model screeners the 68V uses a cantilevered screen deck suspension system. The protected design allows the operator to manipulate the screen deck slope during the screening process for maximum screening efficiency.

Manufacture Design
Although the SLG-68V is smaller both in height, weight, and width than the larger 78VF model, the construction and metal thickness of the 68V is the same as the larger 78 model. CNC form all plate components are laser cut for a quality precision fit.

Proscreen_SLG_68Surface Finish
The SLG-68V comes with a Hammertone Powder Coat durable finish. Steel surfaces are shot blast previous to the painting process. Bolt on components have been anodized to resist the elements of weather.

Mesh Screens
Mesh sizes from 3mm to 100mm can be fitted to the SLG-68V. We offer both square and elongate pattern mesh. Square pattern is primarily used for gravel and rock, while our elongated meshes works best for soils and high moisture materials.

The SLG-68V comes in a compact package so that we can offer the lowest possible shipping costs to our customers. Assembly can be done with basic hand tools in about 4 to 5 hours. If electric or air tools and a helper are available, assembly can be done in about 3 hours.


Proscreen_SLG_68Screen Box
Width: 1.73m
Height: 1.65m
Depth: 1.24m
Weight: 544kg

Screen Deck
Width: 1.78m
Length: 1.32m

Mesh Opening
Width: 1.85m
Length: 1.32cm
Screening Surface Area: 2.3 sq m

1. Complete Assembled Unit. Adjustable angle Screen Deck with 20x100mm elongate mesh, 240v 50htz vibration, swing away rubber faced feed deflector, sloping legs to adjust the screen angle and loader extensions to pick up the unit with a bucket cutting edge. $7,600+gst ex Nelson. Unassembled $7,250+gst. Price does not include shipping. This will be arranged with the purchaser.

2.Additional Screen Mesh(s) ex IDM Elongated and square pattern available 6mm 10mm, 50mm, 100mm $660+gst

3.Bucket lift lugs – pick up the unit with a bucket cutting edge. $369+gst pair.