Proscreen SLG-108VFRB

The OMH Proscreen DeSite SLG-108 screen deck is a smart development for a inclined gravity screen. It comes mounted on a twin spring system that gives the screen deck pivoting from the rear edge over 300mm of deck travel. Tap it with your bucket to shake off stuck material. The design and manufacture is heavy duty and durable.

The 108VF comes standard with Feed Deflector and has the ability to screen up to 50m2 an hour depending on mesh and moisture.

Twin 240volt vibration units gives exceptional recovery rates for soil and gravel screening. The SLG-108VRB Screen can be fitted with woven mesh from 3mm up to 150mm – various wire sizes are available.

SLG108VFRB• Screen sand, soil, rock, compost, wood debris, landscape and construction debris and more.
• Weighs 2010kg standard or 2350kg with riser box. Move it easily around the worksite using pallet forks inserted into the screeners lift pockets.
• Can be fed with buckets up to 2.286 metres
• Can be fitted with mesh from 13mm to 25mm elongated mesh and 32mm to 100mm square mesh
• Dual Centre & Side tensioned mesh that changes in minutes
• You can manipulate the screen deck slope during the screening process for maximum screening efficiency.
• No maintenance (no oil, grease or engine to maintain)
• Comes with Dual Vibratory Electric motors.
• Comes with Riser box for backhoes and loaders. Take it off the riser box & use with skidsteers and compact equipment.

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Check out the actual performance of this and other OMH models at idmCabc and omhproscreen

Screener Dimensions:
Length: 3.2m
Depth: 2.0m
Height: 2.42m, 3.15m on a riser box
Supplied with 20 x 100mm elongated mesh
Procreen SLG_108VFWeight: 2010kg screen only.
2350kg complete unit with riser box

Deck Specifications:
Screen Deck Dimensions: 3.0m x 1.8m
Screen Mesh Dimensions: 2.7m x 1.65m

Available Mesh Sizes:
Square Pattern Mesh Sizes: 6mm, 10mm, 18mm, 30mm, 50mm, 100mm
Elongated Soil Mesh Sizes: 6mm x100mm , 10mm x 100mm
Optional mesh sizes upon request.
Change the end tensioned mesh in 10 minutes.

Proscreen_SLG_108VFVibratory System:
Dual Twin Eccentric vibrating motors 230v 50 htz
Generator needed < 2000 watts
Feed Deflector now included

SLG-108 Screen Unit Accessories:
Bucket Lift Extensions allow for moving the screen with your bucket cutting edge
0.7m Riser box for Backhoes and Wheel Loaders

Assembly can be done with basic hand tools in about 7 to 8 hours.

SLG-108 VFRB – SPECIAL PRICE. Vibrators, riser box, feed deflector, rubber mat Unassembled : – $19,999+gst
Assembly : -$850+gst + extra freight volume. Assembled price: $20,849+gst
Pricing ex Nelson. Price does not include shipping. This will be arranged with the purchaser.

Additional Screens / Bucket Lift Extensions
SLG-108VFRB Spare Screens (ordered with the machine) $935+gst
Bucket Lift Extensions : – $495+gst

Screens top soil Soils, Gravel, Rocks, Dirt, Compost, Recycled Asphalt, Landscaping, Recycled Concrete, Wood Grindings, Decorative Rock, Bark Mulch, Sand, Golf Course Sand, Drainage Rock, Drainage metal, Pea Gravel, Septic Stone and Pipe Bedding.