Proscreen SLG-78VF-II

Proscreen_SLG78VFII_homeScreen top soil, aggregates, gravel, wood waste. Cut dump fees by recycling on-site. Screen your on-site topsoil right where you will re-use it.

Now incorporating a Multi Slope Screen Deck. When screening gravel products the deck can be moved from 22 degrees to 35 degree slope position for maximum production and efficiency.

Change the deck slope in 3 minutes. The multi slope screen deck combines maximum production with maximum efficiency.

The SLG-78VF-II is one of the quietest operating screeners in the industry, allowing it to work onsite within urban areas.

Produce a minimum of 10m3 of screened top soil per hour with any small bucket machine. That’s $250/hr for material on site and less to cart away! No money in operating trucks.

Change the mesh in 10 minutes, re-screen the oversize,make drainage metal or sub-base material for the driveway or road.

Pick up and shift the screen in a few seconds with any medium sized skid steer loader with optional bucket lift lugs.

Please contact us on Ph:  03 970 7602 or Email us: Site Machinery to discuss this product. They can also be seen at our Showroom, 105 Pascoe St, Nelson.

Screener Dimensions:
Length: 2.48m
Depth: 1.3m
Height: 2.17m
Supplied with 20mm x 100mm elongated mesh
Mesh Area: 2.9 square metres
Procreen SLG_108VFWeight: 658kg screen only.
692kg complete unit with vibration system
800kg with riser box

Deck Specifications:
Screen Deck Dimensions: 2.28m x 1.52m
Screen Mesh Dimensions: 2.18m x 1.32m

Available Mesh Sizes:
Square Pattern Mesh Sizes: 6mm, 10mm, 18mm, 30mm, 50mm, 100mm
Elongated Soil Mesh Sizes: 6mm x100mm , 10mm x 100mm
Optional mesh sizes upon request.
Change the end tensioned mesh in 10 minutes.

Check these links

1.  Adjustable angle Screen Deck with 20x100mm elongate mesh, 240v 50htz vibration, swing away rubber faced feed deflector, sloping legs to adjust the screen angle and loader extensions to pick up the unit with a bucket cutting edge.Complete Assembled Unit. $10,300+gst ex Nelson. Unassembled $9,950.00. Assembly $350+gst.

Price does not include shipping. This will be arranged with the purchaser.

2.Additional Mesh(s) Elongated and square pattern available 6mm 10mm, 50mm, 100mm $779+gst

3. Riser Box $1588+gst

4. Bucket Lifting Lugs $369+gst

5. Use for

  • Topsoil Soils
  • Gravel
  • Rock
  • Compost
  • Landscaping
  • Wood Chips
  • Bark Mulch
  • Sand
  • Pea Gravel
  • Pipe Bedding
  • General contracting