Forklift Tipping Bins: 1.5 m³ and 0.8m3

Manufactured to the highest USA standards, these bins are laser cut and CNC formed for accuracy and precision. All bins and bases are wire feed welded, inspected and then powder coated and baked for a durable finish.

Tip the bin without leaving your seat on the forklift. These premium bins are reinforced in all critical areas.

Forklift Dump Bins often receive a lot of abuse in the work place so they need to be built well. They get bent, dropped and backed into on a regular basis. These bins are designed and built tough for N American conditions. They are designed tough - should any part get damaged it can be unbolted and replaced saving you time and money on repair costs. All moving parts are greaseable.

These bins have a steeper dump angle than standard which helps to keep the bin clean when dumping products that want to stick or hang up.

To set up on the forklift drive into the fork pockets on the base, hook up the restraint chains around the forkllift safety frame with about 11 chain links of slack on 1.1m fork length using the clips. When you want to tip, say into a load out waste bin, place the leading edge of the base of the bin on the edge of what you are tipping into, reverse the forklift so that the forks slide out to the length of the preset chain and then lift the forks - the bin tips to a steep angle and even the stickiest material will fall out. Lift the bin down onto the ground and lower the forks as you reverse. When the bin is back into level position drive forward and the tip is locked and ready for the next load.


0.8m3: $1600+gst ex Nelson. Freight additional.
1.5m3: $1900+gst ex Nelson. Freight additional
tipper bucket
tipper bucket